Good Websites for Business Listing Citations

Business listing in top directories can provide a significant boost to a website. The online world refers to these business listings as Citations, a vote of trust to the business that are listed. However, finding business listings that matter can be difficult.
Let us share a few good listings and the expose what a business listing looks like and hopefully you can replicate what you see.

Yellow Pages
We start with one of the most important listings This listing will instantly provide trust to your website and be indexed by most search engines on it’s own. Here is our listing We keep the business information consistent and the description relevant to our product offering. You’ll see the business contact info, as you will see with all the listings. The blue box with “visit website” will be the link to your website. It will be a nofollow link, but the anchor text will still provide diversity for your backlink keywords. The images are very key to add, you can go to your website and right click an image to copy image link. Then add them by pasting the link.

A great first few listings to place is from manta. This website has been building trust in the search engines for years. Although, you may need to push for indexing, once you have this link indexed it will stay that way. Here is our link see how manta places the business name first as a link back to your listing, the description for relevance and contact information with a link back to your website. The link back to your website is again, a nofollow link, but the branded link will still help your site.

An up and coming website for must have listings on our list elocal. This website is quickly building a massive amount of trust for the listed businesses. Here’s our listing and you can quickly notice how contact info is front and center with a nofollow link to your website and a view website anchor to your website. The best part of elocal, or at least at the time of this posting, is zero Ads are on the page! Most listings will have paid Ads on the page with your listing. This listing is one of the few that will only provide info you put on your page.

Since 2003 ibegin has been a confirmed listing provider. This means you have a chance to add more trust by confirming your listing with a phone call to a real person. This listing will lean heavy on the contact side. Here is our listing for visuals. All contact information will be provided including hyperlinks to your facebook and twitter pages. Your website will not have a hyperlink, but we’ve done testing and concluded that it doesn’t matter if the hyperlink is active or not. The search engines still see it as a link.

Another good local citation to add is from 2findlocal. This website is like to listing sites above with good contact info and links. This listing will provide a subdomain listing, here is our link with 2fl. Now you can claim a business, but it will cost $19.95 to do it. Your free listing will not have a link to your website, but the listing is still good.

A great listing to have in your citation portfolio is from This is another subdomain listing that can be claimed for verification. Our listing is and as most listings, we get contact listing with a nofollow naked url link back to our website and content we can add to it.

There you have it, our good websites to get a business listing citation. Hopefully, we can add to this list to better serve you in your search engine marketing efforts.

About the Herbalife Weight Loss Products

When looking at two people, one skinny and one with a little weight to them, it’s visually pleasing to view the skinny person. The first thing our subconscious mind will do is to compare the skinny one with our own personal appearance. If you’re placed into a setting where everyone seems to be skinnier than you, it will create the motivation to do something about it. This is where you’ll find yourself online looking for where to buy Herbalife Products to lose weight. Who, where, what Herbalife Products to buy.

Where to buy, Herbalife Lose Weight Products

There’re plenty of distributors who can help with where to buy Herbalife Products to lose weight. Some of these distributors are local and some sell exclusively online with their Herbalife online store which Is connected to the Herbalife distribution center that drop ships the Herbalife items directly to your front door.

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Who sells Herbalife Products

Since its inaugural year, Mark Hughes the founder of Herbalife, mandated that the Herbalife products be sold exclusively through an independent distributor. This will allow people who work hard, to have an opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts in great customer service, professionalism and respect. This holds true today and finding a distributor is easier than ever. Simply go to Google and search for Buy Herbalife online or search for Herbalife Shakes. You’ll find some the most respected distributors at the top of the list.

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Herbalzilla HerbalifeHave you ever tried dieting, but got no results? Dieting using Herbalife Products by Herbalzilla as meal replacements and supplements will help you to yield better results. The key is to make these products work right in to your daily habits. These products have helped so many people regain their former selves that, if given a chance, could do the same for you.

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Phish for Health

Fish is a high-protein, low-fat food that provides a range of health benefits. White-fleshed fish, in particular, is lower in fat than any other source of animal protein, and oily fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, or the “good” fats.

The benefits of eating fish | Seafood Selector
Fish are a lean, healthy source of protein—and the oily kinds, such as salmon, tuna, sardines, etc., deliver those heart- and brain-healthy omega-3 fats you’ve probably also heard you should be getting in your diet. (Find out if you need an omega-3 supplement here.)

Fish and Shellfish: 5 to Eat, 5 to Avoid – EatingWell…/fish_and_shellfish_6_to_eat_6_to_avoid?…
The Safina Center also has sustainability ratings and detailed information.
  • 5 of the Healthiest Fish to Eat.
  • Atlantic Mackerel (purse seine, from Canada and the U.S.) …
  • Salmon (wild-caught, from Alaska) …
  • Salmon, Canned (wild-caught, from Alaska) …
  • 5 Fish to Avoid.
  • Bluefin Tuna. …
  • Orange Roughy. …
  • Halibut (Atlantic, wild)

5 of the healthiest fish to eat – Healthy Recipes, Healthy Eating ……/6_of_the_healthiest_fish_to_eat_and_6_to_avoid